Rhondda Snary


Rhondda has been dancing pretty much since she could walk. Maybe dancing came first!
5Rhythms® showed up in her life in the late ’90s when an astrologist pointed her toward a Sweat Your Prayers, and she’s hardly missed a class since.
Her love for this practice led her to the 5Rhythms® Teacher Training path, which, for her, includes expanding the 5Rhythms® Reach Out (not-for-profit) work to help bring the practice to those of all ages and genders who are disadvantaged, disenfranchised and wouldn’t normally be able to access 5Rhythms®; to those who may be able to help heal their hearts and reconnect with themselves through this practice. As well as offering it to mainstream populations, she is currently bringing 5Rhythms® into Long-Term Care, a women’s support centre in the Regent Park area of Toronto, and soon to other populations, including those on a cancer healing journey.
Rhondda will also continue to produce visiting 5Rhythms® teachers in Toronto to give more people the opportunity to experience and explore this practice.
She has lived in the east, west and far north of Canada, working as a print and broadcast journalist, and spent years dedicated to public-sector communications and change management, supporting people through major workplace change initiatives.
Besides dance, her family, nature and animals fill her heart.
Outside of 5Rhythms®, Rhondda has studied, and practices, Therapeutic Touch, Emotional Freedom Technique, Aikido, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga and Meditation.
She is a certified and accredited 5Rhythms® teacher and all class hours count toward 5Rhythms® Teacher Training Waves prerequisites.
Contact: Rhondda Snary at rhondda (dot) snary (at) gmail (dot) com


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