Layah Jane Singer-Wilson

Layah Jane headshot for 5R websiteLayah first fell for the 5Rhythms® in her late teens, and over the last 18 years, has followed her love of the practice across North America, Central America, and Europe.  Delighting in dance since childhood, Layah has a background in Modern, Ballet, Eurythmy, and Continuum Movement, and is passionate about offering dancers sacred space to experience music and motion as medicine.  Movement and healing mentors include Gabrielle Roth, Lucia Horan, Kathy Altman, Adam Barley, Mia Borodacz, Kim Brodey, and Dany Lyne.

Layah teaches 5Rhythms Toronto’s Wednesday Waves class series, and Saturday Deep Waves gatherings, and co-facilitates the s p a c e ~ All Ages Sweat Your Prayers, in addition to offering children’s music, art, and creative movement classes and camps, and producing workshops with visiting movement teachers through heARTSpace productions.  Layah has taught expressive arts and has led all-ages dance gatherings in Toronto since 2003.  Layah says: “the musical offerings I make are those that rock my own heart, move my soul, and make me sweat, be it a funky groove, a soulful melody, or a big thumping tribal beat.”

Informed, inspired and nourished by the natural world, ritual, making music, and Mindfulness Meditation, off the dance floor Layah is an award-winning Folk/Soul songstress, a lover of local food and “jazz” (improv) cooking, an eldest daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, and a hearty lover of life.

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Layah is a certified and accredited member of the 5Rhythms Teachers Association.  All class and workshops hours with Layah count towards 5Rhythms Teacher Training prerequisites.


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