September 20 – December 20
Third Thursday Fall 2018 Series ~ “STORIES” 
5Rhythms Monthly Mini-Workshop Series with Rhondda*

(No pre-req’s. By pre-registration only)
Third Thursdays ~ September 20, October 18, November 15, December 20
Contact: Rhondda at rhondda(dot)snary(at)gmail(dot)com

Nov 7-11, 2018
with Jonathan Horan (from New York City)*
5Rhythms Mirrors Workshop (Prerequisites ~ Waves, Heartbeat & Cycles)
Contact: Rhondda at rhondda(dot)snary(at)gmail(dot)com

Feb 8-9, 2019
Align ~ A 5Rhythms Movement and Mindfulness Workshop
with Layah Jane and David Denis
(no pre-req’s)
Contact: Layah at layah(at)layahjane(dot)com



*These workshops are taught by accredited 5RTA teachers and all hours will count toward future 5Rhythms® trainings.


2 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. Hoping to come to Cyles for Tammy…But unsure due to work at the moment restoring a house to sell. I have never done this before. Interesting. As this project and income reveals itself with my staccato lyrical …I hope to fly to you all in the north with my beloved Dave and dance. His mama is very fragile and it is a one day at a time celebration of life in its glimmer at age 93 so…..Under this big reflective moonlight I wanted to dance a hello thru the ethers with you. Could you send info about possible housing with other dancers or bed and breakfasts or lodging near by the dance venue? Thank you beloveds. Rebecca in Kentucky.

  2. Hello Rebecca …. I am so sorry for not having seen this a waaay long time ago and replying then. Honestly, I don’t check the comments here often, being much more used to communicating through email. I hope you and Dave found some wonderful dances, through the restoration and selling of your house and the celebration of his mother’s full life. Perhaps we will dance together another time. If you wish to be in touch, please feel free to email me at Love.

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