g r o u n d with Rhondda ~ Sunday Waves classes

GroundREVISED3_9x4_FRONTA 5Rhythms® Waves class with Rhondda**

SUNDAYS weekly (currently on a Health Hiatus … please see Note below)
11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Dearest Dancers … ‘ground’ class is currently on a Health Hiatus while I move through extensive treatment for advanced, late-stage Lyme Disease and multiple co-infections.
I deeply apologize for any inconvenience and so look forward to being back with you on the dance floor when I am out of the thick of this and my body lets me know that I am well enough … I listen in to its wisdom.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Please stay tuned!
With big love,

All ‘ground’ classes:
$20* drop-in
$175 for 10 pre-paid classes
Private classes are also available.
*We can chat if finances are an issue. I believe in making this practice accessible, whatever one’s financial situation might be.

The Citadel (The Ross Centre for Dance / Citadel + Compagnie)
(Fully accessible)
304 Parliament St.,
(Classes take place in either the Lower Studio or the Upstairs Theatre)
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 3A4
(Just south of Dundas Street East. FREE parking on Parliament St. on Sundays.)

g r o u n d

“…the power of motion, the wisdom of gravity…” Gabrielle Roth (1941-2012)

When I feel truly grounded, in every day life and (especially) when I’m rocked off my foundation by some life event, I can more quickly come to awareness, return to ground and move with each situation as it arises. From a grounded place, it is possible to better connect with my clarity, transform with the storm, feel the freedom of effortless joy and be at ease with simply being.

Grounding starts with our connection to feet, breath, heart, inner selves and our mother earth, and carries through all of the 5Rhythms® in this dynamic movement practice.

Please join us for this 5Rhythms® Waves class as we move with all that is, just as it is, guided by embodiment teachings as we find our ground, over and over, to dance through the waves of life.

(This class is oriented to adults and best suited for people 16 or over.)

NOTE: Periodically, our Sunday ‘ground’ class will become Sweat Your Prayers® Sunday, an opportunity to dance Wave after Wave of Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness®, following your own inner world to practice and deepen what you have been learning and discovering in class, with minimal facilitation. Newcomers are always welcome!

Questions? Please feel free to e-mail or call me at rhondda(dot)snary(at)gmail(dot)com / 416.699.9613

“The fastest way to still the mind is to move the body.”
Gabrielle Roth

A 5Rhythms® Waves class is the foundational map of all 5Rhythms® work: Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, Stillness®. Created by Gabrielle Roth, 5Rhythms® is a dynamic movement practice rooted in the principle that if you put the psyche in motion it will heal itself.

These classes are open to anyone, any experience. Simply show up, just as you are.

**Rhondda Snary is a certified and accredited 5RTA teacher and all class hours count toward 5Rhythms® Teacher Training Waves prerequisites.

IMG_1706I came ‘home’ to the 5Rhythms® in the late ‘90s when I danced into a Sweat Your Prayers®… and I’ve never looked back. 5Rhythms® has been my passion and committed practice ever since, on and off the dance floor, helping me move through life, with all it has to offer.

“Movement is our medicine,” Gabrielle Roth would say. I’m so honoured and grateful to be able to continue to deeply explore that with many communities, including the mainstream population, elders, people with physical and cognitive challenges, the homeless and those in addiction recovery, as a certified and accredited 5Rhythms® teacher, and by producing 5Rhythms® and other moving meditation workshops in Toronto. See you on the dance floor!

With love, Rhondda

Rhondda Snary Movement Practice / Treedancer Productions
Ground on Sunday mornings


For more information about 5Rhythms® Waves Classes, please visit http://www.5rhythms.com/gabrielle-roths-5rhythms/the-dancing-path/classes

2 thoughts on “g r o u n d with Rhondda ~ Sunday Waves classes

  1. Hi Harold … I’m so sorry to have not responded earlier!! I don’t very often check this site for comments and just happened upon this. (Guess I should be checking!)Thursday morning ‘ground’ class did not happen on Sept. 3 and it will remain on hold for now because the renos at The Citadel have been delayed. Sundays are on, though, and everything is up to date re schedules on our site. I’m really orry I missed dancing with you last Thursday. It would have been such a treat to see you there! Keep care, Rhondda

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