Sweat Your Prayers®

What is a Sweat Your Prayers®?
A DJ’ed practice session for the 5Rhythms® movement work.  With roots in the First Nations sweat lodge and the devotional rituals of ecstatic masters, Sweat Your Prayers® is like a dance jam with a clear intent and form.

In the session, individual efforts combine like streams merging into a powerful river; when each person offers themselves fully, with sincere intent, the flow of group energy can carry the practitioners to breakthroughs that would be much more difficult to experience alone.  Instruction is usually minimal or absent, but facilitation will be provided where it benefits the thrust of group experience.

Guidelines for practice:
1. Arrive on time. Latecomers may be turned away.
2. No talking for the duration of the session. Devote the whole of your experience to expression through movement. (Vocalization that comes out of movement is permitted.)
3. Stay engaged in movement practice for the duration of the session. All kinds of movement can appear in you; there is no wrong way as long as it is sincere and continuous. Let movement rise and fall with the waves of your energy and inner experience; but as much as possible, avoid resisting, retreating, shutting down, or otherwise subtracting your effort and awareness from the group.

These three expectations point to the direction of our practice: to embody truth without compromise. Whatever is going on for you, pleasant or unpleasant, express it! Put it in the body, put it into movement moment to moment. Then you not only train your ability to be with all the various shifting shapes of reality, but you also support the truth-movement of the group, and you help each other to experience surrender.

~ Taeji


2 thoughts on “Sweat Your Prayers®

  1. I have loved Gabrielle’s teaching for a long time but have never taken a class.
    I live in London and would like to come to classes/workshops.

  2. Hello Kim, wonderful to hear from you and my apologies for not responding sooner! I’m afraid I don’t check the comments here very often, relying more on email communication. Any ‘Waves’-level class or workshop listed on the Web site here would be an option for you. ‘Waves’ is the foundational level of this practice. At the moment, however, all our classes in Toronto are on summer break and mat leave. Our weekly Sunday ‘ground’ class will be returning late August (or early September — tbc), and we have a workshop coming up in November. Please feel free to check back to the web site anytime for dates and other updates, and you’d be most welcome to email me at rhondda.snary@gmail.com. All the best!

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