Movement Meditation Prayer

Apr 5-6, 2014 – Revised Date!

Movement   Meditation   Prayer – Waves 5Rhythms® Workshop

with Taeji

Contact: Taeji at 5R (at) windovergrass (dot) com

For dancers seeking greater depth and meaning…
For meditators seeking more trust and spontaneity…
For anyone wondering if prayer can be a living reality…

This movement workshop bridges the gaps that sometimes arise between our fun and our seriousness, between our aspirations and our realities. We learn to dance with the moment, as-it-is. We listen to and follow the teachings that unfold from our bodies and minds, and from the moment itself.

Movement practice, meditation, and prayer all share a basic aim: how can we wake up and help ourselves and our world? When they are complete, each path is expressed through the whole being — the body, the heart, the mind, and the spirit are all there. But often we become unbalanced in our activity: dance may miss out on deep stillness; meditation may get stuck up in the head and lack flow; prayer may wane when it comes to embodied action or relationship with others. What is it like when all are present in fluent balance — when a moment of daily life is truly a dance, and a meditation, and a prayer? Let’s look…

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